Design Services Provided:




Conceptual Design


Pre-Construction Budgeting


Design Documentation


Construction Drawings

& Specifications


Construction Administration


Final Commissioning 





Saving Money & Eliminating Mistakes
What is the role of the Design consultant and how may hit help you save money, take out the guess work and assure the right design the first time.
MDG - Saving Money Eliminating Headache[...]
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RCDD/BICSI Certified Voice & Data Design - The Leading Advantage
Certified RCDD Design and what it will bring to your project network infrastructure
MDG - RCDD - BICSI Defined.pdf
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Architects and MEP's - Information for You
Regardless of your Client, important project information.
MDG - Technical Consultants.pdf
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Room / Theater Control Systems - Why Use Them?
A short article on how and why room controls can simplify your life.
Room - Theater Control Systems - Why use[...]
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How Design Fees Are Determined

Design Services are determined by the scope of work you want us to do and the amount of estimated hours in design and documentation creation hours.  OUR RATES ARE EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE and in the majority of projects, we more then pay for ourselves in cost savings to you.

Here are the areas we can work witih you: 

Performance Specification:  Simple performance criteria that is documented information as to what the systems must do and the measurable expectations that are set.  Fees based on size of project & the amount of hours required to write the performance criteria.  No specific parts, models or drawings are provided, no coordination or project oversight.


Design/Consultation:  If you’ve determined who will be providing the equipment and installation and it will be a negotiated contract between you and the AV Contractor, we provide the drawings for the AV and Lighting systems as well as electrical, structural and MEP information required to assure a smooth flowing project.  We will then come in at the end of the project and provide all testing and final approval before the AV Contractor is released.  Assuring the systems designed performs as required.  Fees based on size of project & the amount of hours required to design and draw.   


Consulting Project:  Full service as specified in Design/Consultation, with the additional services provided being; full documentation, specifications of the systems, qualification criteria of those who wish to bid on the project, bid review, project management oversight and final commissioning and testing of systems.


Proposal Review:  If you’ve requested and received several proposals from AV Contractors, we will review the presented proposals and help you determine which one will work the best and is priced according to standard practice.  We may also be requested to interview the potential AV Contractors prior to bed release so assist in who is the most qualified based on specific experience levels, training and staff.  This service does not provide a final answer as to who you should select, but only those who have met your specific needs and provides seemingly appropriate solutions.


Problem Resolution:  If you’ve found yourself in a predicament and you are well into a project that does not seem to have a solution, then we can review where you are now and what should be done as a final resolve.  This work is not for arbitration or legal counsel services.


Important note on design fees:  Design fees are based on estimated hours required for the scope of work requested.  This includes design, drafting, engineering stamps (specified by specific principals and state requirements), and meetings or conference calls.  Other fees, not included will be travel expenses, mailing/shipping, print set copies.  These items are billed separately.  However, estimated budgets may be established beforehand.


IMPORTANT!  Our goal is to make your process very simple, easy and affordable for you and your project.  Give us a call and we will work with you and help you along the way!



 *MDG reserves the right to change published day rates to meet a specific need, date, event or requirement.  Such as; holidays and emergencies.


Let us add impact to your technical systems!